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December 27, 2007

Blue Sky Bakery

Blue_sky_2 If you came to my neighborhood (Park Slope, Brooklyn), you would seek out the Blue Sky Bakery as if it were the Holy Grail. You could come over and over again, because the best thing about Blue Sky is they don't bake the same kind of muffins every day. It's always a surprise, which keeps you from wearing yourself out on the strawberry raspberry muffin in the first month and then losing your taste for the place altogether (which of course you have no experience with).

The anticipation is everything. Will today be an audacious day (mango peach) or a classic (wild blueberry)? Will you rejoice or weep when you see banana chocolate chip? This isn't just breakfast, it's an adventure where the stakes are low. Even the least yummy Blue Sky Muffin (probably a bran) is still excellent by most standards. The graph here only goes from delicious to sublime.

There's always a coffee and muffin special: large or small (as if!), and Blue Sky's Kick Ass Blend coffee is appropriately named. Light and airy inside, you feel like you're floating in the cloud the logo's sporting, and when the guy behind the counter asks how things are going for you today, he really wants to know. Something kind in his manner softens your sharp edges, which you of course are blaming on the fact you haven't had your coffee yet. But don't worry. A few sips, and that's all about to change.

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