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May 09, 2009

The Tummy Tubs

-12 The other day on the Today Show they featured a product called the tummy tub. Please go check out the video and photos of this product. It is a tub for babies that simulates the womb. The baby is basically in a pail of water, and has to curl their legs and arms into the fetus position. 

The babies looked quite happy. It really brought me back to the bathing your newborn days. With my first daughter I had a baby nurse helping me because my Mom had just broken her heel and wrist the same day I gave birth. I watched, as this very experienced baby nurse washed my baby for the very first time. I was so scared and timid. My daughter was pretty happy with her first bath and all baths after that. We used the basic tub that we position over the kitchen sink. All was good.

Second baby came and no baby nurse needed, I was a seasoned pro. I could wash my newborn all by myself, even with a 2 year old pulling at my leg. Again, I used the basic tub over the kitchen sink. HOLY HELL. Something was not right. There was screaming. There was constant screaming. It was blood curdling and it made me cry myself. I felt like I was slowly killing her. I figured it would get better, you know she would adjust, and I would adjust. 

No such luck, for the first 6 months of her life she screamed bloody murder every time I bathed her. I would have to wait till hubby was home and could take care of my other daughter. I pretty much cried the entire bath time as well. I learned to get her in and out pretty quick. 

This tummy tub intrigues me. I think it makes a whole bunch of sense. You know it is the whole swaddling idea. The tub was only available in Europe so some smart Mom bought a whole bunch and sold them out of her basement. Now she has a website bathedwithlove.  Why can't I think of these things??

This is an original post to New Jersey Moms Blog. Fiona Charles is a pen name, she blogs over mommyvents.com.


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