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November 19, 2008

A Sick Mom's Night Out

Njmoms001300x225A month or so ago I got the eVite for the New Jersey Moms Blog's Official Launch Party for Saturday, November 15th. While other moms were probably figuring out what they should wear, I was asking questions like, "Will I Be Able to Attend?" "Should I just say I can't go?"

I have Lupus, and at this time in my life every invitation I get (wedding, holiday celebration or funeral) is an automatic "I will not be able to attend." My health is at the point where I know that will most likely be the case, and it saves a lot of disappointment or anger on both sides when I don't cancel at the last minute.

But this was something I not only HAD to go to, but really wanted to. I have just been blogging since July with the NJMB, and I had never blogged before. This was a chance to speak with other mom bloggers, pick up tips, get my "face" out there to go with my writing, and also meet some of the mom bloggers that I read and Twitter with. This was a night out with the Normals.

Yes, that's what some of us Sickies call you healthy people! I hadn't worked since March and shortly after that I no longer had the energy to put on my makeup or contact lenses or put on nice clothing. Yeah, I was definitely out of the working world. And I wasn't a SAHM either. Grant and I had decided to keep Tyler in daycare since I was unable to take care of him for more than a couple of hours at a time, and could not take care of him alone at all due to my limitations. I stayed at home, just without my baby. Which world among the New Jersey Moms Bloggers was I a part of?

I was afraid of how my pain would be, and about how much energy I would have. And how would my outfit, new shoes and pocketbook, and new makeup look with my cane? The cane is black, by the way, which does complement well.

Being one of the closest people to the party I was one of the first people there. Soon moms started to walk in here and there. I thought it would be tough to hide my envy and awe of these women, who, while not exactly becoming a Millionaire by blogging, had accomplished so much. Having their own blogs, some more than one, writing for corporations or very popular websites, even publishing books. Working outside of the home or inside, stay at home mom or homeschooling mom, these women had it, if I may say, going on! I, on the other hand, blogged every two weeks from my recliner.

So, how did it go for me? Well, I want to tell you that this group made me feel as "famous," normal, and talented as any one of them. We talked about my disease but it didn't feel awkward to me at all. Far from the "Jersey Girls" you may think about when you think of our state, these women were some of the nicest I had ever met.

I want to thank everyone who was there: Liz, Vanessa, Monica, Melissa, Amber, Lynette...I can't name them all. That night at that party ALL of you helped me feel like a Professional, a Mom and a Woman, instead of A Sick Person.

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