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October 13, 2008

A Change is Brewing

Yourmoment_245x154 Oh... the economy. I feel myself tensing up just at the mere mention.

It's amazing how things change so quickly, isn't it? My husband and I each took a huge pay cut at work in 2008. My savings account sits idle, not a penny to be saved. I've watched my family's investments dwindle into non-existence.  We are even pondering a giftless (gasp!) holiday season.

I haven't even updated my financial software on my pc. I just can't look at the loss.

It makes me feel ill.

But there's something equally as troubling as all of this.

My coffee addiction has, sadly, come to an end.

No more impromptu runs to Starbucks. No more early morning bagel and coffee at Dunkin Donuts. No more lattes.... no more.  No MORE.

Yes, I did it. I cut the cord.

My husband and I always joked about "the day we stopped getting coffee" would be the day that hell froze over, and I guess that day has come.

Our auto-recharge card days are over. In fact, just this last weekend, I used up the last $3.89 on my Starbucks gift card.

It's just me and my coffeemaker at home now. No more specialty drinks. No lattes, no soy macchiatos. Just a generic can of drip coffee grounds.


Target, I'm sorry to say.... you're next.

Original post by Shelli to New Jersey Moms Blog..... Shelli also blogs about missing coffee and financial freedom at http://bagmomma.blogspot.com/.


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