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June 17, 2008

Rules and Worst Mothering Moments - Book club today inspired by "Writing Motherhood"

Lisa_2As announced the other day, it is book club time again at Silicon Valley Moms Group and New Jersey Moms Blog is hosting. Today, we have been "invited" by author Lisa Garrigues' book Writing Motherhood to write about one of two topics:

Linsey_4 1) Rules! Rules! Rules! The first thing Lisa tells her students is to throw away the rules of writing because rules bind our imagination, constrain our creativity, and muffle our voices. Our children, however, live much of their lives according to rules-rules that are imposed in the classroom, in the cafeteria, on the playing field. Think about the way rules function in your household. Which rules are non-negotiable? How have the rules changed as your children have grown older? Our writing invitation: Write about a time your child broke the rules.

2) Good Enough. In her book, Lisa recounts a time she was a "bad" mother, first leaving her sick daughter to fend for herself, then dropping her daughter at the tutor, only to forget to pick her up an hour later. Think of a time you slipped up as a mother-lost your temper, said no for no reason, sent your child to school with a fever. Our writing invitation: Write about your most outrageous or inexcusable bad mothering moment.

What were we inspired to share? Take a look and join the discussion as....

.... and if you have a post up on YOUR personal site on these topics, please leave a comment below and we will add your link!

About Writing Motherhood: This book is very different, as Lisa truly is a muse and encourages us readers not just to read, but to write our motherhood experiences. For ourselves, for our kids, we are "invited" to recall the small moments, the big emotions, the lessons learned, the inevitable changes. Writing Motherhood guides moms in their efforts to journal their own trip through motherhood via a Mother's Notebook. Each chapter of the book is set up as a lesson with tips and examples at the end for us to do our own writing.


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