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May 06, 2008

A Rockstar Slept Here...

Lynette_2 I’m a rock mom.  I've never played an instrument, and won’t sing in front of people, but I have great hopes my kids will.  But I have the rock mom mentality.  Mainly, I love music.  I have the music channel on my cable television turned on for when I need a fix of the 80s, or when I crave newer music, I crank up tunes from TheSixtyOne on my laptop.  The real challenge for me is to train my kids to listen to the same music I like so I’m not subjected to The Wiggles or The Naked Brothers Band 24/7.  So far the ploy is working.

Before I had kids, it was commonplace for me to jump in the car with a girlfriend and drive across state lines to attend a concert we didn’t even have tickets for. 

After having my daughter, my carefree night life had to be reigned in a bit.  So I would tuck the toddler in for the night, kiss my husband goodbye, and head out to meet a friend and see my favorite local cover band.  Local, more personal, and back home by midnight.  Perfect for a mom of one.

Now with two kids in tow, it is nearly impossible for me to shower every day let alone gallivant around going to clubs or concerts.  What’s a rock mom to do?  Well if you're me, you find a podsafe / indie musician, in this case a friend Matthew Ebel, that needs a place to play and crash for the night, and you hold a concert at your house.  I’m sure I’ll not win any mother of the year awards for keeping my 1st grader up til 10pm on a school night.  Other than that, it’s a win-win situation.  I get to enjoy music I love, expose my kids to music I love, have friends and family over for a social reason, and feed and house a rock star for a night.

Besides, how many other kids can say their moms let them throw a concert at their house?

Original New Jersey Moms Blog post.  You can find more ramblings from Lynette at her blog, Lynette {Radio}.


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