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April 22, 2008

Fred Flintstone: The Original Eco-Warrior

Shelli I am really shocked at the steep rise of gas prices in the last week or two. But I am more shocked that I haven't seen a ton of outrage from the masses.

Perhaps it's the political hub bub going on which takes up considerably more media coverage. The oil situation seems to be merely just a topic of discussion on the campaign trail. Not a lead story on the news. In fact, last week when oil hit a record high, it was a footnote on the evening news.

Where's the uprising? The people who are "fed up" with gas prices? In my neighborhood, I've witnessed the per gallon gas price rise 35 cents in just the last two weeks. Insanity.

I wonder where the end of this is leading. To be honest, I haven't really noticed anyone balking at the anticipation of $4 a gallon in the VERY NEAR future. It's like we've given up hope. Paralyzed knowing that as consumers we are between a rock and a hard place. We need gas, but we have little to do with fixing the situation.

Well, other than going to the polls in November and praying our leaders will have the magic answer.


Yes, that was sarcastic.

I see cars and trucks filling up to the tune of $60 bucks for an average fill up. I pull in the drop off lane at my son's school in a long line of SUV's (engines idling, which just makes me say... huh????) And when the subject of gas comes up in conversation, everyone just shakes their head and moans.

"Woe is us... but what can we do?"

I am grateful that I work from home. My husband works only a few miles away. My commute is merely driving my son to daycare four days a week. We are lucky to be in this situation. Even so, our monthly gas expense is out of control. I've started to think how I can conserve gas by lumping together errands. Gone are the days when I used to drive willy-nilly all over the place.

It's hard to imagine what impact this has on others.

I have to admit, Earth Day was never something I actively participated in. Sure, I knew its purpose, but I never really felt...well, invested... like my actions would make a difference.  This year, I've grown more aware of conservation and how what we do every day impacts future events for our lives and our children's lives. And for this first time ever, we started taking small steps in our home to alleviate the additional burden on the environment.

I may not be able to directly affect gas prices, but I can act in other ways that make an immediate difference. For our family, and especially for my son... who will be here on this planet long after I am gone.

I think Fred Flintstone had a great idea with the foot-propelled Flintmobile. No gas required, gets you to your destination, AND provides exercise. On second thought, I bet Wilma thought that one up.

'Cause you know Moms are the queens of multitasking.

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