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October 13, 2009

Caption Contest Winners Announced! Kaspersky Lab will help you be more secure!

Kasp185 Remember our road trip? Remember our caption contest from the Pro Football Hall of Fame? Of course you do. What you probably don't remember is the announcement of who won the contest.

Without 3 more monthsfurther adu, here are our fabulous winners!

Option 1: {sarah thinks} He's cute and all, but he's so quite. Maybe he's just not that into me. *sigh*

Option 2:

He who smelt it, dealt it!!

The good folks at Kaspersky Lab will be sending the goodies to you faster than what it took us to announce your awesomeness!


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Lilith (Crunchy green Mom)

YAY... I have awesomeness!!

Thanks... I just got ya'lls email!


This is awesome, How much is the price?

iPod Touch Tutorial

Is the Kaspersky better than AVG?

reparo de parabrisas

Im using AVG at the moment.

wilmette custom carpentry

I have been using the free AVG and it has caught almost all virus and trojans. It also warns me if a website that I'm about to visit is high risk. This feature is really nice because it gives me an option of proceed to the website or to go back. Do you if Kaspersky provide the same or similar feature?


the best antivirus for me!!

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