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July 04, 2009

The Amazing Race to Alberta

First Up from our beloved Redneck Mommy who is putting up with our equivalent of a touring heavy metal band:

We would love for you to be able to join us at a small blogging meet up where you can discover for yourself that we are just a bunch of frazzled geeks with access to the internet. With nipple hair and the odd chin whisker. We are throwing caution to the wind and unveiling our quirky personalities for all to see.

If you happen to be in the Edmonton-ish area (if I have to make the drive into the city you should too,) please consider joining us for the revelry. I promise to keep the blue thunder well contained.

We’ll be meeting Saturday, at Rundle Park at the playground, at 10 am. Bring your children. We are. (You know you want to meet the newest little Redneck, Jumby.)

We will set the children loose on the playground and get down to the serious business of getting to know one another.

Contact me if you need directions or want my cell phone number so you can breathe heavy in my ear. I like that.

For those of you who can’t make it, no worries. I’m bringing a video camera as well as my fancy schmancy camera to capture the joy.

You never know when a beaver is going to be on the loose after all.

Now on to our travels:
Yesterday was a page ripped right out of The Amazing Race which for the record, is a show neither myself or Catherine can watch because it induces such extreme anxiety that we need a mainline of Xanax just to make it through an episode.

It was the first morning we just had to be somewhere on time. We had booked a noon connecting flight out of Ottawa (FTR: The Fairmont Chateau Laurier was a wonderful palace where milk and cookies rained down on our princesses and the service was extrodinary) and we had to return our powerful chariot GM Traverse to it's home (we were sad to see it go). It seemed easy enough, we had made plenty of time, and we even had hours of wiggle room to make sure we didn't stress ourselves out.

Funny how that time disappears in the blink of an eye.

Our first flight was delayed - first by thirty-minutes, which turned into another twenty, which then morphed into ALL OUR WIGGLE ROOM. We literally ran with strollers, baby, carry-ons, and preschoolers in tow, screaming through our connecting airport and somehow we made our connecting flight to Alberta. I think we both almost passed out once we were actually on board that flight and it took all of my strength not to order a drink straight up once the bar car was broken out.


After we calmed down and landed in Edmonton, we picked up our new ride, the GM Yukon Hybrid and hit the road to our Redneck hostess with the mostest.

And the adventure continues...


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I'd love to join you on Sunday, but unfortunately your meet-up is in a location that is impossible for folks without vehicles (our family).


Eagerly watching your tweets. With baby #5 on the way, I'm interested to hear about how comfortable you all are in the Yukon. Always seeking a bigger vehicle

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