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July 01, 2009

Quebec City: Perfect for Princesses-in-Waiting

This afternoon we arrived in the beautiful city of Quebec and as we entered the walls of the Old City it was like being transported back in time and we were riding in on a 288 horsepowered carriage (the Traverse packs amazing power and I love being behind the wheel.) We pulled into the most beautiful of palaces and I knew our two little ladies were going to be impressed with the Fairmont Chateau Frontenac -- who wouldn't fall in love with the fortress over the St. Lawrence?


Of course when I turned to the back seat, I expected to see little faces drinking in all the splendor but instead I found everyone asleep. Kids! As we set about waking up the tiny ones, the most helpful team of Fairmont people swooped in, taking bags, completing registration in record time, tending to our needs, all while handing out colouring books and crayons to our special crew.


The Chateau Frontenac is as beautiful inside as out and everything so far has been wonderful down to the smallest detail. We took a dip in the beautiful art-deco pool, I had time to rest my wary road-trip legs in the hot tub, and then we took a quick trip around the beautiful surroundings, before retiring to some room service in our room overlooking the city.


Are our princesses pleased with their accommodations? You bet. And the moms are also very impressed. It also goes without saying that the lone prince on this trip also is impressed with everything he can see - as far as he is concerned, it's his kingdom and he is here to conquer Quebec.

Disclosure: GM and Fairmont Hotels are the SVMG Canada Moms Blog road trip car and hotel sponsors.


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Quebec City is an absolutely magical place and has everything you could ever need.
There were many reasons to move here. So we did.

If ever you write a book about your road trip then we'd love to stock it.

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