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July 20, 2009

On being PittsburgHers

Clumberkimgsgd If you've never been to Pittsburgh, then don't go. Not because it's a bad place, just the opposite, we want to keep it all to ourselves. We're not going to share Pittsburgh with you.  If you even think about going there, even if you need to change planes in the airport, you're going to find yourself in big trouble, mister (or ma'am).  Realistically speaking, we cannot hoard an entire city. Particularly if it doesn't belong to us. But that doesn't stop us from wanting to own it. First of all, a big shout out to our host ClumberKim who not only arranged our meet-up, she found  fablous sponsors (Hello iTwixie! andIsidore Foods!),an incredible space  (Hello AlphaLab!) and she fed us.  I am running out of adjectives to describe the dinner and desserts made by Clumberkim, KDiddy and Rebecca.  

After last night, I can now say I know, not one, but two guys named "Spike." And neither one of them happen to be a football player, a biker or in a punk band. And considering the plethora of "Paul's" who attended my highschool, it was down right refreshing to meet a Paul living outside of Hamden, Connecticut and he wasn't even from Hamden, Connecticut.Paulfromvivo Together Paul and Spike gave Sarah and me the capability of Live Streaming! So look for some action from us later. Not that kind of action, we signed a strict  "No Porn on Vivo" agreement, but we may sneak in some Shoe Porn.  Sarah has some nice wedges. Wedges, not wedgies. Crack kills and we''re fairly certain we can't post that on Vivo anyway.  Nick  Pinkston showed us what can only be called the Rubiks cube of business cards. It folds in many different ways and we easily could have spent hours folding it, but it didn't belong to us and we had to give it back to him.  KDiddy, I had hoped for a farting contest, but I didn't get enough roasted garlic to make myself a viable contender. Besides, I think the folks from  Abby? Left To Right? Are you reading? I hope so because I don't have your URL and want to give you a shout out too!

Looks like we may have a trip back to Pittsburgh in our future for Pod Camp, so please have the salad fixings, broccoli slaw, and homemade Ho-Hos ready!Momroadtrip09dcpittcleveland 008 

Thank you again to our wonderful host and sponsors for Phabulous  meet up in Pittsburgh!


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Oh I'm reading!! Can't wait to have you ladies back for podcamp Pittsburgh!

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