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July 09, 2009

Meet Up: The Recaps!

We've had some awesome meet-ups on our roadtrip and I have not had the time to give them the props they deserve:

Our first was in Ottawa last Thursday and it seems like eons ago that it happened (it seems we have been on the road forever). One of the most awesome recaps I read is over at Muddy Boots, please go over and see her beautiful photos from the day -- I hope she didn't mind that I lifted one of the group. Our kids had a playground and splashpad to work out their energy along with a great bunch of blogkids. Catherine and I had some wonderful bloggers to meet. There was Sassy Monkey, Capital Mom, PhD in Parenting, and Lalawawa who brought an entire wagon full of snacks for everyone to enjoy (whoot whoot and thank you!) Thank you for arranging this one ladies, it was a beautiful finish to a loooooooooooooooong long driving day.


The second was in Edmonton and I want to shout out another huge thank you to Tanis for setting it up (we found this impossible to do from the road so props to all the wonderful bloggers who volunteered to set things up - a thousand "thank you so very very much").  There we hit another great playground and met with Natasha, Lynn, and Habanerogal and their kids.  Habanerogal even brought her monkey and YES she did let me pet her monkey (props to all those that get that SNL reference). We spent a couple of hours letting the kids run around and even found some time to meet and talk when not chasing down the troops. Why do kids all run in seperate directions when trying to wrangle them? It's like herding cats, but most of you know that already.

Our last meet up was in Vancouver and this was a decidedly more adult one... HEY! get your minds out out of the gutter... I mean this one was SANS ENFANTS (you don't know how ready we were for a night away from the kids -- it was sorely needed at this point on the trip.) Our beloved Shannon of Mr. Lady fame put this one together and a lovely group of blogging ladies joined us for dinner and drinks at the scrumptious Morton's. We were in fine company that evening: Mandy Gratton, MoWo, Earnest Girl, Left Coast Mama, and Sandi (5and1). Drinks and food were plentiful and Morton's spoiled us in a way that was much needed.

Now I wish I had a better pick to show you but here is some photographic evidence of the evening. That white spot in the centre is me trying to molest my dear Tanis. That happens when cooped up too long with good friends and no husbands. Or at least that's how most naughty stories start out. It's amazing what happens when away from the homestead too long *wink wink*


We will be flying back to Toronto in about twenty-four hours and then will be arranging a last hurrah of the Great Canadian Roadtrip of 09. I'd promise to gather more photographic evidence on that bash but more than likely, I'll probably be too excited and forget to take out the camera *le sigh*

Seacreast out and the adventure continues...


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Mr Lady

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Mr Lady

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