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July 02, 2009

Join Us In Ottawa (We'll Bring The Ham)

After we eat our fill of crepes - and maybe also croissants - and maybe also a few buckets of cafe au lait - we'll be rolling out of Quebec City later this morning (and bidding adieu to the beautiful Fairmont Chateau Frontenac) (*wipes tear*) and heading to Ottawa.

(Yes, sadly, we have to zip right through Montreal and miss smoked meat sandwiches, but time just does not permit.) (*wipes tear*)

But we will be in Ottawa this afternoon, decompressing at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier, and heading out late afternoon for a come-one, come-all playdate.

The details (courtesy of Annie at PhD In Parenting):

Location: St. Luke’s Park

Address: 166 Frank, just off of Elgin (see map)

Time: 5:00pm on July 2, 2009

What to Bring: Yourself, your kids, snacks if you wish (some of us will bring shareable snacks too), sand toys or whatever else your kids might enjoy using at the playground.

Where does it go from there? I’ll be there with my kids and they’ll probably be ready for some dinner after playing. We might head out somewhere nearby to eat and others are welcome to join in if they want. We can play it by ear.

In case of rain: There is a chance that it will be raining. If that is the case, the alternate venue is the Children’s Museum at the Museum of Civilization in Hull. Admission is free on Thursday evenings. Please watch this post early Thursday afternoon for a final call on whether we go with St. Luke’s Park or the Children’s Museum.

Check back at Annie's blog this afternoon to see if the weather is going to push this indoors. And please RSVP, too, at Annie's, so that we know who to expect.

Hope to see you there! Like I said, we'll be bringing the ham.

Quebec ham


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Kia (Good Enough mama)

OMG, you're either really really fortunate and I'm super jealous or you're super crazy and I'm glad to be at home, just reading about your adventure. Either way, it sounds pretty cool! What a neat idea. :)


The ham was delish.

Amy @ Muddy Boots

It was fun to meet you both/all five. Sorry we had to run so soon after you arrived. *ahem* had you been on time...


(sort of)

Hopefully you had fun and your kiddos benefited from the chance to stretch their legs.

Have a safe flight tomorrow!

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