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July 05, 2009

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Rockies

We left Edmonton yesterday with one extra passenger, none other than the Redneck Mommy herself, Ms. Tanis. She was so generous in organizing an awesome get together of bloggers in town (shout out to Natasha, Lynn, and Habanerogal -- thank you so much for coming out to meet us!) we just had to take her with us.Thank goodness that GM Yukon we picked up in Edmonton was big enough for all our luggage plus her sweet butt.


After a day of driving down Highway 16 -- which for the record severely lacks in good coffee en route -- we entered Jasper National Park and my brain was officially blown. Anyone who says they aren't impressed by the majesty of the Rockies lacks soul. This was my first time seeing the mountains and I could not help but feel a huge wash of emotions come over me as I was humbled by the offerings of our natural world. It's easy for me to understand why so many artists come here for inspiration.


We spend last night at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge and despite some annoying hiccups (lost reservations, screwed up billing, and rooms so far apart we could have used our own golf cart to see each other), the landscape and friendly staff balanced out the negatives. Look who greeted us this morning!


I'm still debating if those are white tailed deer or elk but it doesn't really matter because OH MY WORD they were beautiful. Oh and this was the view at breakfast (le sigh).


Tonight we have arrived in Lake Louise and I'm still feeling like this is some kind of surreal fantasy. It's like we've fallen into a painting or an episode of old school Wild Kingdom. So far today we have seen our elk/deer friends above, three eagles, a baby moose, mountain goats, and big horn sheep (and those horns are b-i-g). No bears yet but I'm keeping my eyes sharp.

Tomorrow I have no idea where we are heading, I'll leave that up to our West Coast expert, Catherine, but our adventure continues towards the Pacific. British Columbia here we come!


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Is that where Glacier National Park is? We took a ride in a special vehicle up the glacier. It was amazing!


Do you guys have an eta for Vancouver? I want to get your bash set up. :)

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