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July 20, 2009

Hello Cleveland

Cleveland 008 I haven't been back to Cleveland since 1989. Take that back. I've only been to Cleveland once in my entire life. Now it's twice. Frankly, I wish my body from 1989 was still here, but that's really not the purpose of this post.

If you are a blogger in the Cleveland area, we're having a meet up at The Green House Tavern at 6:00 this evening, That would be July 20, 2009.  AKA TONIGHT!

We look forward to seeing you there!

PS I snapped this picture of the Cleveland sign in the car, through a windshield at 80 exactly 55 MPH!


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Damn, that camera is good! Don't tell my husband I said that.

Busy Mom

Cleveland Rocks.


It warms the cockles of my gun-fighting, law-enforcing heart to hear that Devra would never break the speed limit.

(insert choking and guffawing here)

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