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July 10, 2009

Are We There Yet?

Yeah, we're there. Which is to say, we're almost at the end of our trip. And we thought that we ought to go out with a little bit of a bang, or at least, go out with some prizes.

Btrendie.com has offered up a bunch of prizes to award to the MomRoadTrip followers who can identify where in the world - well, Canada - we've been. Have a look at the following pictures, and see if you can figure out where, during our travels throughout Canada, they were taken:




We'll select three winners, drawn at random from everyone who makes correct identifications! Huzzah!  (Winners must reside in Canada or the United States).

What can you win?

With this magnetic build-and-stack activity garden, children can build their imaginations by creating their own garden. Magnetic creatures stick to the garden, and the magnetic plant pieces stack and build. The unique garden window box doubles as a zippered carrying case for toddlers on the go. Contains: flower garden that doubles as a reusable carrying case for easy storage, and 11 magnetic garden accessories. Ages 18+ months.

The Forgotten Shanghai Silk Messenger Bag works well as a laptop case, airline carry-on or as a hip, fashionable baby bag. It is a light-weight bag made of the finest silk, has magnetic flap closure, a durable easy to use two-way zipper, an adjustable shoulder strap, inside zip pocket, mesh see thru pocket, and side pockets.

Imagine If... is a hilariously fun and creative literacy tool, perfect for children ages 4-8.  Inside you’ll find 75 eye-catching illustrations depicting a fun range of “who, what, and where.” Simply choose 3 pictures as the beginning of your story. Continue the story by flipping to new pictures. No two stories are ever the same!

So, tell us: where in world (of Canada) were we?


Oh, hey! Our contest winners have been chosen by Random. org and the winners are:
1 Lala - http://crosswind.wordyblog.com/
2 Aman - http://onlyaman.net/
14 Shannon - http://whiskeyinmysippycup.com/

Contest Winners will be contacted shortly! CONGRATS!


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we have Quebec City, Lake Louise and Stanley Park. Yeah baby!


wait a minute, I just gave away the answers. BAH!!

Only Aman

um... so she gave the answers away... if they are right... i choose her answers.

If they are wrong, i choose, mexico, italy and france. Mostly because you ladies need to hit up all the top resorts in each of those places...



Totem Poles at Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC (my home town so I know I'm right), Lake Louise, Alberta and Quebec City, Quebec (been to both). Gotta love our beautiful country!


Stanley Park Vancouver, Lake Louise and Quebec City. Do we get bknus points for Identifying people in the pictures?

Nicole Marr

Well, the odds are good at the moment. 1 - Stanley Park, 2 - Lake Louise, 3 - Quebec City


Stanley Park Vancouver with Their Bad Mother herself Catherine , Lake Louise with none other than The Queen of red neck mommies Tanis and Quebec City with some super cute short people that belong to motherbumper and Her/Their Bad Mother!!!


Is this where we're supposed to post our answers? I swear, I didn't look at the previous (correct!) answers before figuring it out for myself. But I do have to echo the same locations - Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC; Lake Louise, AB; and Quebec City, QC.


I'm not cheating, I really did know before I saw everyone elses' answers!! LOL. Stanley Park totems, immediately recognizable despite not seeing them in person for 20 years. Lake Louise. And Quebec City.

Erica Cosgrove

Stanley Park in BC, Lake Louise in Alberta and Quebec City in Quebec. Been to all of 'em and i'm not even Canadian! Just married to a really great guy from Winnipeg. We roadtripped across Canada ourselves but NOT with kids. You gals are brave. Today we roadrip from San Diego up to San Jose, CA. Hope we can channel your good roadripping vibes.


Vancouver, Jasper and Vieux Quebec. Have fun on the trip home!

Lynn @ Walking With Scissors

Stanley Park in BC, Lake Louise, AB and Quebec City. I've never been to Quebec before but all these other women can't be wrong! (I am such a dirty, dirty, cheating ho)


It was nice to see you in Ottawa (although not actually meet you because I was heading home with the baby when you arrived). Glad you have had a good trip.
My answers are - Vancouver (Stanley Park), Lake Louise and Quebec City!

Mr Lady

GOD, everyone knows this country!

Still, Totem Poles in Stanley Park, Lake Loise and Quebec City. Because I like purses.

The Grown Up Teenager

Her Bad Mother in Stanley Park, BC, Redneck Mommy in Lake Louise, AB, and Emilia and Gigi in Quebec City, QC!

I still think y'all are nuts for going on a road trip with that many little kids, but good job for surviving with your sanity.


1. Stanley Park (Vancouver, BC)
2. Lake Louise, AB
3. Quebec, PQ


I have been to all three!

Stanley Park
Lake Louise
Quebec City

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