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June 27, 2009

Canada Moms Blog Road Trip - two moms, three kids and a ton of adventures!

Cmb_roadtrip_button(2) The Drivers: Catherine Conners and Katie York of Canada Moms Blog
The Dates: June 29th through July 12th   
The Vehicle:  GM Traverse
The Sponsors: General Motors (and more to be announced!)
The Plan: We cover Eastern Canada first. We will fly to Moncton and grab the GM Traverse and head to Halifax. From Halifax, we head up through Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and into Quebec. We'll take a breather in Quebec City, maybe stop for a smoked meat sandwich in Montreal, and then head to Ottawa. From Ottawa, we fly to Edmonton (we know, we're skipping a huge chunk of Central Canada. But we've only got so much time, and in any case, we'll be back in central Canada before long!) We hang in Alberta for a bit, and then head into British Columbia through Jasper National Park (a must-stop for a group with a baby named Jasper). We then drive south, stopping in Kamloops and Penticton before landing in Vancouver, where we'll celebrate our survival (we hope.) Then back to Toronto, where we may need to celebrate again. Again, that is, assuming that we do survive.


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Mrs. Wilson

Have fun ladies!! I'm sad that you're skipping my province completely (SK), but I understand it. There's only so much flat some people can take. And I love Alberta, so I'm not too offended.


When will you hit NB?

Katherine Center

Holy cow--that sounds exhausting. And fantastic! Hooray for Canada!


Sounds like so much fun and you are stopping in my city (well I'm in a suburb of Edmonton, but still, Edmonton is 10 minutes from me!!!) I love road trips, except for the driving part, lol. Hope you ladies have a great time!


Sounds like good times, my friends! What kind of plans do you have for Canada Day?

Adventures In Babywearing

I wish I could drive up thru Michigan to see you!


Robert Reid

Sounds like a great trip. Hopefully next year you can drive the whole way, right thru Winnipeg and Regina!


Have an awesome time, I'm in Vancouver if you need a break from the kids or want some fresh kids to have a playdate with!

Annie @ PhD in Parenting

Let us know when you're landing in Ottawa.


Hey...Could you post a picture of the Traverse with all three car seats buckled in? I need to see if it is indeed possible to fit that many car seats in it.


Wow! Did you ever see the Oprah road trip with Oprah and Gayle? Hope there's more than that whole trip. B-o-r-i-n-g.


Saskatchewan is trying very hard not to feel slighted... pout. have fun!

writing tips

Let us know when you're landing in Ottawa.

writing tips

Let us know when you're landing in Ottawa.

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Leisa Dreps

Traveling on land and air is an adventure and a half. Heh, a trip with so many destinations is pretty fun. The company you keep is the best kind of luggage to bring on a road trip, for all the conversations and sing-alongs they can offer out while the car drives through the highways.

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