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June 27, 2009

Estimated Time Before Insanity Goes into Maximum Overdrive...

Estimated Time of Departure on Canada Moms Blog ROAD TRIP '09: 40 hours

Estimated Time until my head explodes while figuring out how to pack for myself & a three-year old on a cross country road trip: 40 seconds

This morning I made the foolish mistake of asking my daughter for input on this packing issue because in all seriousness, how does one pack for a two-week trip with a three-year old? Who knows when we will see a washing machine? Who knows what forgotten toy/book/rock-found-on-a-walk-six-weeks-ago will set off a tantrum the likes of which the Trans Canada Highway has never experienced in it's forty-seven year history? I should have never asked because now our suitcase contains all her dolls, fifty Robert Munsch books, a pile of random pebbles, and her strawberry plant.

Now I have to figure out how to remove all these items without setting her off.

Anyhow, this morning Gemma and I decided to put together a little video discussing what we need to pack (apparently we need a teddy bear and lots of food because the rest of the country is sorely lacking in both) and please don't judge us on our appearance. We both just got out of bed and the fact that what was once little more than a dreamy idea to visit bloggers across the country is now a total IN OUR FACE reality is still sinking in to my brain.

But seriously: how many t-shirts would you pack for your child? I'm thinking three changes a day and have at least five days supply on-hand means I need about fifteen shirts... FIFTEEN? Holy crow, this is going to be like packing for Mariah Carey (minus the butterflies, double the diva).


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Jill Asher

Oh... I love this video! :)

Here is to a very safe and fun journey across Canada!

Big Hugs!!!

Jill Asher


Do you have a little backpack for Gemma? Have all the toys and books she wants to take in that. If you are figuring 3 changes of clothes a day, go for 3 days worth. There are a lot of motels with laundry, and friends along the way who will be willing to lend you some laundry services. :)


Gwen - Are you offering a W&D because we might take you up on that ;)

Three seems reasonable and perhaps a hair salon-style apron for roadside ice creams stops. Thanks Gwen and hopefully we will see you soon!


When you get to the Vancouver area (I live in the eastern 'burbs) you can use my washer and dryer. They are oversized and will fit many teddy bears :) And you can meet the Poptart. Who is beyond cute (and hopefully her baby acne will be cleared up by then).

I can also arrange wine and grass-fed beef and free range chicken for you. :) or veggie alternatives if that's more your style :)


Considering that Oliver was just talking about that adorable child TODAY, I'm going to save this little video for a time when I need to blow his mind :-)

Excited for you guys, can't wait to follow along.

Karen MEG

I guess you'll need food too... so cute!

Have an amazing time, this sounds like an awesome trip.

And it's on video, she's promised to be good for you (I think?) ;).


Emma - Oliver is so sweet - she recently heard someone calling his name at a playground and was disappointed it wasn't him.

Karen MEG - the promise to be good was not exactly clear, I think she knows not to make a promise she can't exactly keep. I mean, she is G after all and mischief is her middle name (not really, but it should be).


You guys are too cute. Looking forward to following the chaos!

Don Mills Diva

Can't wait to read all about it!


Sounds like a great time...we live in that big gap between Ottawa and Edmonton - too bad you're skipping it, otherwise we'd invite you over for some good country porch time!


Oh good gawd women! All that traveling with three littlins in the car? I will definitely be sending happy thoughts and travel mojo your way. can't wait to read about your adventure!


I love getting to hear your voice. Your Savvy friends will be following along. Have fun!

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