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June 26, 2009

Canada Cross Country Road Trip

Images-1 Each time we, Catherine and Katie talked about this cross-Canada road trip, we started imagining something like that Ewan McGregor’s Motorcycle Diaries, only with bloggers driving a car across Canada instead of Ewan and his crew zipping around the world on motorbike. Also, with kids. And it's when we started to think about the “with kids” part that flashes of National Lampoon’s Vacation start to intrude. We've tried to prevent those Griswold moments from interrupting dreams of this awesome trip but that's proved difficult since we're being outsmarted and outrun by three year olds on an hourly basis. 

Anyhow, that thing called “reality” keeps messing with any idea of an adventure-filled road trip cross country for two friends -- plus their kids.  

But then we tell ourselves that driving across the second largest nation in the world with two three year olds and a super-strong one year old basically guarantees that we will experience enough insanity to fill many, many blog posts, and possibly a therapist's notepad. Because when everything is going insane around a blogger, the silver lining is always “this will make a great blog post.” And insanity and adventure are interchangeable words if you don’t think to hard about it.  

So here's the plan: We cover Eastern Canada first. We will fly to Moncton and grab the GM Traverse and head to Halifax. From Halifax, we head up through Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and into Quebec. We'll take a breather in Quebec City, maybe stop for a smoked meat sandwich in Montreal, and then head to Ottawa. From Ottawa, we fly to Edmonton (we know, we're skipping a huge chunk of Central Canada. But we've only got so much time, and in any case, we'll be back in central Canada before long!) We hang in Alberta for a bit, and then head into British Columbia through Jasper National Park (a must-stop for a group with a baby named Jasper). We then drive south, stopping in Kamloops and Penticton before landing in Vancouver, where we'll celebrate our survival (we hope.) Then back to Toronto, where we may need to celebrate again. Again, that is, assuming that we do survive.

So how do we plan on taking this adventure-filled cross-Canada road trip?   You will just need to check back from June 29, 2009 through July 12, 2009.... as we, Catherine and Katie journey across Canada.


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Holy Crap!!
Good luck- seriuosly- GOOD LUCK.

oh and I certainly hope you guys get to keep the car when you finish this crazy adventure.

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