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June 29, 2009

And So It Begins...

So we got off to a rocky start - up at 4am, at airport at 5am, struggling through baggage drop and security with three sleepy tots and not nearly enough caffeine and then only barely making it onto the plane on time - and then coping with epic shits and epic barfs during a stopover in Montreal - and then getting drenched getting off the plane in Moncton - but end of the day, once we loaded up the Traverse and got on the road?


It was pretty easy. And pretty freaking awesome.

Tonight was dinner with Katie's family (who, my gosh, are so fine and so kind and so clearly the progenitors of the lady that I call my partner and my friend), and then hanging out with this amazing lady (who is as beautiful and lovely and easy to hang out with as you would imagine her to be), and soon - we hope - a good night's sleep before hitting the road and heading up through New Brunswick.

If the baby will ever deign to sleep, that is. That hour or two of children napping in the car this afternoon is looking pretty sweet from the vantage point of a midnight crib battle.


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Beth B

Ok, that picture is too cute.. I remember the days when my kids would sleep in the car..And I could strap them down in those super secure car seats.. When they get older, their arms get long enough to have in car duals..

I can't wait to read more as the road trip moves on to day 2!


So lucky you aren't traveling with me, I am an empathetic puker. I would probably seek out strangers to hold back my hair in the bathroom!

Hope the rest of the trip is smoother from this point on!

sweetsalty kate

It was so wonderful to parachute in on your adventure. You both smelled very nice despite it, honest.

And sorry for dashing out so quick, but it was my cue, and so I missed saying a proper goodbye to Katie. But I'll see you both in Chicago where we can introduce each other to our saucy sides. Metaphorically speaking. Of course.


Hey, let me know when you'll be in Ottawa.

Lucas Rosenzweig

Those times are always a breather for any road trip. If the number of kids is greater than the number of adults, it could really be a headache! We just have to pray for a smooth, straight drive for them to be comfortable and fall asleep.

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