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July 07, 2008

Will it look like this? Will it sound like this? But most important, will it have a running board?

Escalade_6  A couple of weeks ago I was invited to an auto event in The DC. I happily accepted the invitation for one reason; The event included a ride in a hybrid car. Knowing that I would be driving across the country in a hybrid, I thought to myself this would be an excellent opportunity to find out more about hybrids since I really don't know all that much about them. And until this event, I had never driven nor been a passenger in a hybrid.  I'd been in an Escalade, back when I was playing for the Dallas Cowboys with Emmitt or when I toured with Missy but that's been a while. And it wasn't a hybrid.

A brief, but detailed, overview of the vehicle and specifications was offered up, and I patiently listened and learned a few things I didn't know about engines, but not being a gearhead, my primary focus was on the chocolate croissants and getting more coffee   the test drive which would be following the presentation. One of my tablemates,Charlie from Roadfly, invited me to join him and another journalist from Kiplinger in their vehicle. Didn't have to think about that very long. I wanted to be in a car with these guys and not with the poor blogger who asked the VP from Cadillac, "Is your company an American company? Do you make cars in the United States?"  That awkward moment was handled very well by the GM folks and the other writers in the room were also very respectful. I think we've all experienced being embarassed in a similar situation, and the empathy factor made a strong showing. Let's all give it up for being kind to another human being. Yo.

Thankfully the car had running boards, but even with the running boards it was a bit of a step up for me. Since both of these guys had a lot of height on me, I volunteered to sit in the back seat. As we pulled away from the curb and hit the road, I thought I heard a siren. I looked behind me. Nope. Nothing. Weird. So Charlie and K-Man (sorry I can't remember his name only that he writes for Kiplinger) take turns driving thru the streets of DC and Alexandria.  Next it is my turn. I get behind the wheel and as I am pulling away from the curb, I hear the siren again. Again, I look behind me. Nope. Nothing. Only now I tell my companions about the noise. "Oh that." they tell me, "All hybrids have a whine to them. Some more than others. It's the sound of the electric motor."

Okay, so now I can expect some whining on the trip. I'm a mom. I can deal with whining. Totally.

Devra also writes about her past life as an NFL player and hip hop artist over at Parentopia and DC Metro Moms Blog.  And if the Tahoe doesn't have running boards, she will count it as cardio whenever she gets in and out of that behemeth and blog about it at Loser Moms.


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What a blast! I can't wait to follow along with your adventure.

Most importantly -- how were the croissants?


The croissants were yummy. If you ever get invited to anything at a Mandarin Oriental Hotel, I will kick your ass if you do not attend. That hotels knows how to put out a spread!

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