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July 06, 2008

What else should I bring?

Here's what I've got so far...Devragtg_2

And yes, I am wearing my PJ's on the Internet. I figure if I get it over with now, I won't have to be concerned with how I look in any of the pics or video from this point on.


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Nice shot! I especially enjoy you coveting your bumblebee colored laptop. I would really like to see the suitcase zipped up with you in it though. Is that possible? :-)


Wohooo! I posted 'bout cha! Check it out...

I hope you have a great trip!


You have purple PJs?

Well there, you don't need anything else! Have a great trip!


My husband gave them to me for my... 21st birthday this year. Ahem. ; )

Monica @ Paper Bridges

loving that laptop case. have fun!


Thank you Monica. I hunted around for a long time and then found what I liked and then lucked out because someone had one listed on Ebay deeply discounted. SCORE!


a six pack and a pack of cigarettes! every good road trip needs a few vices, right?
or... maybe a pillow and some earplugs?
happy road tripping. am so jealous.

Devra Renner

Liz, yup! Already have the sunglasses. So with the cigarettes and the six pack, all I need is some darkness and a full tank of gas and I am ready to drive to Chicago!


perfect! You're only missing the glass of champagne! :)

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