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July 18, 2008

We're here!

I can't believe that I just left home six days ago. It feels like I've been on the road for a month.

But we finally made it to BlogHer, and I get to stay in the same hotel room for three nights in a row! Yeah, I can leave my suitcase in the same place for a few days and actually hang up my clothes!

Yesterday started bright and early with a taping for KTVN, the CBS affiliate in Reno. After that we hit the road on our way to pick up Jill in Silicon Valley. I took the wheel, ready to try out some mountain driving. And I was glad I did. The route between Reno and Sacramento was hands-down the most gorgeous drive I have ever made, and driving meant I didn't have to miss a second of it looking at my laptop!

We decided we absolutely had to have a picture of the Tahoe in Lake Tahoe, so we got off at an exit and started looking. While we never actually located Lake Tahoe, we did find ourselves some beautiful scenery:


Hey, if we couldn't actually take a photo of the Tahoe at Lake Tahoe, at least we could say we had a picture of the Tahoe somewhere in the vicinity of Lake Tahoe...


After that, we got back in the car and decided to find a monument or museum dedicated to the grim tale of the Donner Party, a story I've been fascinated with ever since I read The Shining at far too young an age. We quickly located Donner Memorial State Park, where we located a monument dedicated to the pioneers who made the dangerous journey over the Donner Pass.



And since we are insatiable smart-alecks, we of course had to do our own re-enactment.


We tromped through the gift shop, selecting postcards and gifts for our kids (I got my ten-year-old a PBS special on the Donner Party. Grim? Yes, but something tells me his sick little mind will find it interesting) and finally, reluctantly--it was so beautiful there that I really could have stayed for days--we got back on the road. Finally, after a few navigational issues, we arrived at Jill's house and met up with the other SV moms. I'll post more about that later--have to get to a BlogHer session in just a few minutes!

--Meagan is relishing the fact that she actually got more than 5 hours of sleep last night.



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Kate Olson

Yes, I'm focusing on the strangest part about your trip, but I too was fascinated with the Donner Party when I was a kid, I'm sure your son will love the PBS special :-)

Hope you're having a blast at BlogHer!

Laurel - MomsMinivan.com

What? No WW giveaway while you're at this landmark? ;-)

Clint Moore

Ohhhh, what a scenic place to go on a road trip to, with those vast lands and the feeling of wind breezing through. Going from one scenic area to another around and beyond my place in Burlington, Ontario with my used car, my thirst for travel hasn't been quenched yet.

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