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July 07, 2008

Very little chance of tantrums and flying toys--I'm in!

I’m late to the party here, actually, because I just returned from a road trip. No cross-country quest...just four hours from Chicago to Lansing, MI to visit my sister; then four hours from Lansing to Ohio to visit our friends and their three kids; then six hours today to get back from Ohio to Chicago. (Actually, it was supposed to be 6 hours, but wound up being more like 8, due to relentless bathroom stops .)

But while it was a lot shorter than next week's adventure, there were certain challenges I don't anticipate encountering on the trek to San Francisco. For instance, next week I'll be riding with lovely, well-behaved, happy, and probably clean ladies.

Whereas this weekend's trip was shared with these guys:Dsc00110 Dsc00108 Dsc00109_3


(by the way, this picture of my youngest pretty accurately represents the overall mood for the last ½ of the trip.)

I was so packed in by items like these:


That I could barely move.

And instead of riding in one of these, as I can look forward to for next week, today I was riding in a 2000 Dodge Caravan covered in crumbs, wrappers, bottles and random pieces of plastic and emitting a funky smell from the backseat. (I would share a picture, but my husband would cry actual tears of manly humiliation.)

During today’s trip I was hit twice in the head with a flying toy:


and my two-year-old kept up a steady chorus of “Wan’ hear White an’ Nerdy on da WADIO!” To appease him and his squeaky little voice, I played it over and over and over.


The trip to San Francisco will take many more days than my Midwestern family excursion, but I figure as long as nobody throws toys at my head, screams about the music selection, tosses half-eaten burgers on the floor or smears chocolate all over her face and then cries for three straight hours, I’ll be one very happy—and relaxed—mama. Stay tuned, though, because you just never know what could happen when people stop being polite...and start Road Tripping.

--find out more about Meagan and the house 'o boys she'll be leaving on their own over at her blog.

Pictures taken with Sony DCR-SR45 Hard Drive Handycam® Camcorder. To learn more, please visit www.sonystyle.com


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Meagan - While I won't throw toys at your head and I would NEVER waste a burger, I can't promise not to scream about the music or refrain from smearing chocolate on my face!


Megan, the photo of the nerd pointing to the Klingon Empire logo really spoke to me. I am now inspired to learn a foreign language on my next road trip.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

And while I will most likely be happy and lovely I can promise neither cleanliness nor good behavior.

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