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July 21, 2008

Unwinding in Napa

Outsidejohnmuirinn_2  It feels good to sit down and relax. BlogHer '08 was a whirlwind of information, socializing, fun and work all combined in the very best way. I learned a few more tricks of the trade and, most importantly, got to actually meet so many wonderful people who I only knew by url or on line names.

Each time I attend events like these, it reminds me how much of an impact bloggers make on the world. It is truly magnificent to see people able to change or simply speak about things they are passionate about. So, while I let all the new discoveries sink in, I will enjoy some well deserved time with my husband in Napa. My husband just pointed out the fleet of hybrid vehicles being used for the new California Wine Tours Green Fleet - I hope they included the Tahoe in there!

At the recommendation of Jill, we are currently at The John Muir Inn. It's a lovely little place in a simple Napa neighborhood and shares a parking lot with Marie Callender's. Now, we all know how I feel about sneeking fruit into my dessert, that just makes it breakfast! I was thrilled to hear that guests of John Muir get special breakfast discounts at Marie Callender's. We also recieved coupons for complimentary wine tastings in the area. An old favorite of ours, V Sattui, was one of those included.

OK, enough of this. Time to hit the tasting trail! 

One last thing... I promise we didn't forget about our contests and contest winners. As soon as the five road warriors return home, we will post information to wrap things up and get the prizes out!

Aviva will resume posting at Parentopia as soon as she returns home to her parenting...


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