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July 11, 2008

The Tahoe Has Landed


Early this morning a very nice man (in a 70 foot truck) brought me a very nice car,

My kids had never seen a car that was so clean on the inside before.

And yes, Ian calls Optimus Prime "Awesomest" Prime.

Sarah also exploits her children on her personal blog Sarah and the Goon Squad, DC Metro Moms Blog and Loser Moms.

Video and pictures taken with Sony DCR-SR45 Hard Drive Handycam® Camcorder.  To learn more, please visit www.sonystyle.com.


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Do you have signs for the windows or car magnets for the sides to identify yourselves on the road?


Wish you were stopping in Cleveland...we would love to meet you :)


Wow..I wish somebody would drop a brand new hybrid in front of MY house. THAT would be the awesomest.


The truck has landed! Woohoo. I'll be sure to honk if I see you pass by although I think Delaware is not on your route!!

Jill Asher

I got CHILLS watching the Chevy Tahoe come off the truck... how EXCITING... and thank you for capturing it on video!


Leticia- Tech Savvy Mama

Awesome! Have a great trip and see you there!

Meagan Francis

woohoo! Can't wait til I'm IN IT!

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