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July 16, 2008

The One With the Singing

There is something about road trips - I suppose it is the fact that you just sit in the car for hours and hours on end but everybody knows that road trips involve singing along to the radio (or Zune in our case).

I thought you might enjoy a little glimpse into our car and what sort of singing we've been doing.

I should warn you: this isn't going to be pretty.

Sarah also tends to be loud and obnoxious at Sarah and the Goon Squad.


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y'all should take your show on the road...oh wait, you are on the road.
i just love singing along to the tunes in my car.


I think I heard the amber waves of grain blowing.


Ya'll are some good times waiting to happen. Oh. Actually, you look like you're already having a good time.


Especially loved the rendention of the "to the windowwwwww, to the WALL!" song (forgetting its name at the moment.)

Keep truckin' gals.


Such a wonderfully wide variety of music! I bet it makes the time fly by. Thanks for sharing the fun.

Kim/hormone-colored days

My favorite video yet! See you ladies tomorrow!


Awe. Some.


Will you sing at my wedding? Oh, wait. Already married. Love the tunes.

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