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July 17, 2008

The Biggest Little City In The World


I'll admit that so far, my only exposure to Reno has been via one of my favorite shows, Reno 911, which showcases the city's, er, seedier side. So when we pulled into Reno last night I really didn't know what to expect. As it turns out, there's also a really charming downtown area, which is one of my favorite things about small cities. And there are a lot of casinos, which are one of my favorite things about any city that happens to have one. I'm not a big gambler (I swear I can stop ANY TIME...it's not like I have a PROBLEM or anything!) but once a year or so I like to hit the slot machines and and let Lady Luck have her way with me. So while I was interested in checking out the city of Reno, I was mostly excited about checking out the gaming floor in the hotel. 

We pulled into Harrah's after a seven or eight-hour drive through the mountains and lots of frustration over internet signals getting dropped juuuust as we were loading a picture or hitting "publish". Combine that with many long days in the car, and we were in need of some serious R&R. Luckily for us, we got totally hooked up, with totally fantastic hour-and-a-half full-body massages in the hotel's spa. I don't think any of us fully realized how badly we needed a massage until after we'd had them. When we met back up in the locker room, none of us were even able to speak. We just looked around in a daze, saying things like "Ahhhh," and "Mmmmm" and "Blargle darf shmeng." In fact, as we were waiting to be seated for dinner in Harrah's steakhouse, we could barely keep our heads off the bar.


After stuffing ourselves on steak, prime rib, and lamb (one meat each--not all three for each of us) and bantering with our very knowledgeable and attentive waiter, Ozzie, there came a point where all conversation ceased and the four of us just stared at each other and/or off into space. It became clear that we had Hit The Wall. Still, it was only 10:00 PM in Reno. How could we head to bed before gambling? Sarah, Devra and I headed to the casino, while Aviva, the more responsible of us, stayed in her room to compose a post. But Lady Luck was not with us, and we were also too exhausted to enjoy ourselves, even Sarah the high roller.  Within an hour of leaving dinner, we were back in our rooms. About five minutes after we laid down, Sarah said "I am going to sleep. Right now." And she did. After that, we were both unconscious until our 6 AM wake-up call...time to get up, check out, and head down for yet another appearance on the local news. We realized we had been so burned the night before that we hadn't even taken a picture in the casino--so we hit the slots again for a photo-op and one more chance to play the odds.


After all, if you don't play, you can't win, right? And in our case, even if you do play,  you still can't win. Oh well. Reno was good to us, and even if we didn't walk away with fatter bank accounts, we wound up with relaxed muscles, some great food, and a fun memory. What we can actually remember of it, that is.


Bye-bye, Reno! After a gorgeous drive through the Sierra Nevadas, past the Lake Tahoe area, and right by Donner's Pass on our way to California, we're now almost to Silicon Valley, on our way to meet up with Jill Asher and some other SV Moms. It's hard to believe that our journey is almost over--and the conference hasn't even begun yet!

--Meagan can't wait to actually stay in the same hotel for more than 12 hours. 


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