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July 16, 2008

Some more pictures from the road!

Devra being interviewed by CBS News (Omaha)


Devra, Sarah and Meagan in front of Squatters (Salt Lake City)


Meagan, roadside in Utah


Don't even ask where this picture was taken!


GROUP PHOTO!!  Aviva, Devra, Sarah and Meagan.....



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Mom at Work

The beverage sampler looks yummy!


Are ya'll still coming through Reno? (as if there's another way to come through on 80 en route to the Bay Area)

If so, I apologize in advance for my stupid town. ;)


great pictures! it is so much fun enjoying this cross-country trek vicariously through y'all.
so what is after Reno?...
we have....what do we have....we have cows...i'm sure we have interesting stuff i mean what else would one expect from a city named after the spanish word for "lard". that's what happens when you let some gringo name your city.
get some rest and drive careful tomorrow.


My favorite shirt when I was in college came from Squatters. It read, "Good for what ales you."

So you're in SLC? Keep your eye out for the big "tree" on the salt flats. Be aware, it looks nothing like a tree.

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