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July 16, 2008

Belated Salt Lake City post...

I've been trying to post about Salt Lake City since last night, but okay, I basically passed out from exhaustion last night. And today, we were driving in and out of foothills all day, which is hard on the wireless broadband connection. And come to think of it, yesterday was pretty spotty too. On our drive from Omaha to Denver, we saw a lot of this:


aaand...we were welcomed to Wyoming by this friendly buffalo:


Wyoming was shrubby, rocky, and more sparsely populated than anyplace I've ever been. At one point we had to make a stop for gas, and found ourselves in the town center of Buford, WY, population 1:


I must say that for a town with one resident, it had an amazingly well-stocked gas station.

When we finally got into Salt Lake City, we checked into the Hotel Monaco and headed up to our rooms. I was amazed at how nice and attentive everybody was at the hotel. I always think people in the Midwest are friendly, but this took friendly to a new level. After we got settled into our rooms, we walked the two blocks to Squatter's Pub, where I had my first experience with beer pairings and also sampled the best artichoke dip I've ever had (and believe me, I'm an artichoke dip connossueir). I have to say that I really loved Salt Lake City. It was gorgeous, with the mountain views, the weather was perfect and the downtown area was big enough to have lots of restaurants and other things to do, but small enough not to seem too overwhelming. Getting in and out of the city was a snap.

This morning we headed to the local CBS station, KUTV for a live interview in the parking lot. Then we got back on the road--destination, Reno, NV! I'll update later about the drive to Reno--but right now, it's time for a much-needed nap.

--Meagan is looking forward to playing the slot machines.   


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I wish I had been paying closer attention and realized you were actually stopping in SLC. I've been writing about the NICENESS of SLC for months. I still can't get used to it.

You'll be at Blogher tomorrow!


I couldn't find your interview on the KUTV website. Am I looking in the wrong place or is it not there?

JB/Go-Go Mommy

Hey Gals,

Can't wait to see all of you in person tonight! Yeah for all of you making this journey:)!

And if you think people in Utah are nice, wait until you get to California. I moved to the Bay Area from the midwest 8 years ago and discovered that "niceness" is definitely affected by weather - there are just too many sunless days in the midwest.

Yippee! You're almost here!

PS - The singing wasn't THAT bad. Now if I had been there...I don't think you would have shown the clip:)

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