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July 15, 2008

Road Side Attractions from Denver to Salt Lake City - We need your suggestions!

Good Evening Everyone.

I just got off of the phone with Devra (yes, at this INSANE hour of the night), and we realize that we need some suggestions about road side attractions from Denver, Colorado to Salt Lake City, Utah.  So well traveled friends, where should Aviva, Meagan, Devra and Sarah stop?  What is a "must see" between Denver and SLC?  Where should these mom bloggers have lunch, without kids (of course!)? Please share your recommendations in the comment section below.....  We are turning to you, the wise blogosphere to help us on our journey.

While we are at it, what is the best route to take?  I-70 or I-80?

in the morning, we will share information about the "meetup" in Salt Lake City on July 15th.

Sweet Dreams!
Jill (who will join the car on Thursday, July 17th in Silicon Valley)


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The fastest drive would be on I-80 with I-70 a bit longer and more scenic.

If you go I-70, Stop at all of the view points along I-70. You can get a mini glimpse of the San Rafael Swell. A visit to Canyonland NP and Arches NP near Moab is also a must, if you are going this route.

I've driven most of I-80 through Wyoming in one day, going from Utah all the way through to Cheyenne. I would say that Cheyenne is probably about the best place to stop, because it offers the largest variety of places to stay and places to eat.

On I-80, If you need somewhere to stay, I can only mention my experiences in Rock Springs. On a couple of occasions in the last few years, I've stayed in Rock Springs. Both times I had a decent room, but it was a little more expensive than I felt it should have been (about $70 for what seemed should have been about $50). It wasn't terribly expensive, but it was higher than I would have expected the same room to cost elsewhere. I don't even remember where I ate when I was there, but the food was OK. Obviously, it wasn't memorable. I had a decent night's sleep and a decent meal, then was on the road again. Since this was all I was in need of at the time, I was satisfied with my stay. Something to keep in mind is that Salt Lake City is not too much further west, and, like Cheyenne, offers much more than anywhere else in between.


If you take I-70 our family always tried to hold our breath or make a sound through the ENTIRE Eisenhower Tunnel. When you are out of that, it's Vail Pass and lovely Vail, Colorado. That is well worth a stop. You could eat at the Red Lion for some good old fashioned summer ski town fun, or at many very upscale restaurants, which sounds to me like a nice break from fast food on a long journey.

would love to hear you blog about vail so get your butts over there now, gals!! You could take the gondola up to Eagle's Nest and make your journey 3 dimensional!

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