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July 17, 2008

Reno: I'm a Loser

It has already been established that  I am a loser but I feel like I've truly lowered the bar this time.

No kidding. Let me tell you what I did last night in Reno. (Is there an emoticon for blushing and rolling eyes at the same time?)

We were staying at Harrah's.

Img_0855 We were pretty tired, but it seemed crazy to stay at a casino and not gamble at all.

I needed to get some money so I went to the ATM. I figured I would give myself a $40 budget. We were only planning on being down in the casino for about an hour so it seemed reasonable. My reasoning was that I would get $60 out of the bank machine so I would have some cash the next day.

I was getting the money out of the machine and at the same time I was having a conversation with Devra and Meagan about where we wanted to go lose our money.

I looked down and there were several bills coming out of the machines. Several one hundred dollar bills.

I knew exactly what must have happened but I yelled "I WON!" anyway.

Yes, I hit an extra zero. Instead of getting $60 out of the ATM I got $600 out. Oops. I hope I didn't bounce anything.

I only ended up using about $20 to gamble. So I was left with a balance of $580. In cash. On a road trip. That seemed excessive.Img_0858_2

Don't try to rob me either. I have already re-deposited it, but damn I felt stupid.

Please tell me I am not the only person that has ever done this.

Sarah also does idiotic things and reports on them at Sarah and the Goon Squad.


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Lynette {Radio}

Those ATM machines at the casinos are touchy with that 0 key. I think they WANT you to take out more money and have no self control to keep it out of the slot machines!

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