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July 15, 2008

total Inanity- probably more than you want to know or care about.


One thing becoming clear on this trip is we are all inane. Aviva's inane too, but she just got in the car today and has been driving so the other three can curse and get frustrated for hours upon end because we keep losing our Internet connection. get some posts up on the road trip site.

At the beginning of our road trip, Sarah became really angry at the entire state of Maryland because it lasted far longer than she had anticipated, "This is bullshit. There is no way Maryland should last this long. I'm raging against Maryland. That's right. You heard me."

Meagan became unbelievably animated-even stopping herself mid-sentence-when she discovered her salad included a small slice of grilled buttered bread.

I referred to us as "traveling the course of the country." I don't even know what the hell that means and said it during  an interview on Sunday Inquisition.

Inane behavior? Why not share a couple of our more inane conversations.

1.  For several miles we discussed the pronunciation of "Zagat."

2.  Devra: "This is the first time I've been to Des Moines."

Sarah: '"You mean I've been some place you haven't?"

Devra: "Yeah, you can't lord that over me anymore."

Then there was the inane video (parental advisory in effect):


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Micki LeSueur

How come we only get 7-11? I thought mini-marts were all about last minute milk and emergency beer runs. Who they they could be so much more?

Micki LeSueur

How come we only get 7-11? I thought mini-marts were all about last minute milk and emergency beer runs. Who they they could be so much more?


OMG... now that was HILARIOUS!!!! We also only have 7-11!


Enjoy Squatters tonight... my husbands family is from SLC and that was the only place for a long time where they could get some good alcohol. So I hope you have a beer for us!


Ans I still think "Piggly Wiggly" is funny.


As someone currently relocated to the heartland I can tell you I have TWO Kum & Go's within a mile of me. :)

You don't think about it once you see them every day. LOL.


Oh, man. Y'all scooped me. I have that EXACT SAME PICTURE of the Kum & Go sign from our trip to Iowa. Didn't anyone wonder when kuming up with that name ... ?

De in D.C.

I couldn't quite tell from the video, but it looks like the Kum & Go also had a red door. Now what, exactly, are they trying to imply by that well thought you combination of name and design? Better yet, don't tell me, because my subtle innuendo is enough. We really don't need to go there.


Oh, and Devils Tower? In Wyoming.


[cue Close Encounters alien music now]


And I bet you missed Carhenge in Nebraska.


Sometimes it's not just about the porn.


Oh. My. God. My husband's about to drive cross country, and I'm pretty sure that he'll be tracking that joint down.


Were you on Route 70, the Dillon/Silverthorne exit in Colorado? Because *I* saw a Kum and Go there last week while on vacation and ...well, I wasn't as smooth or as cool as you guys were.

While in the same area, my little nephew bough "Beaver in a Can"

That's right. The double entendres on the can were thick...And I was accused of a dirty mind.

the mama bird diaries

I am still laughing over the Kum & Go. Do they have that in San Francisco? Keep up the good work ladies!! We love hearing about it.


in PA they have WAWA ?? WTH.

who won the last contest ???

I didn't make a vid for my site b/c i am LAME. maybe you guys should do a vid for my site ?? mommyvents. check it out - actually just vent on the vid about the trip, who smells ? who snores ? who is grumpy in the morning...vent it all and then just give me a shout out. whatdayathink ?? just kidding....


Unbelievable! Only in the Midwest.


Oh! I feel the same way about Maryland EVERY time I drive through it! It makes me insane. In fact, I now dread it. I think, "Oh crap! Here comes that annoying overly long and for no good reason state of Maryland..." and I grip the steering wheel with tension and misery.

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