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July 14, 2008

On the road again


Finally, the Mom Road Trip - pers got a decent nights' sleep. After our appearance on the Sunday Inquisition last night, we all went to our rooms at the Crowne Plaza in Omaha and crashed...hard. After two separate TV appearances, a webcast, and 9+ hours on the road yesterday, we were all completely burned out. Luckily for us, the friendly Nebraskans at the Crowne Plaza had put us in the Quiet Zone:


So where do they put the circus animals then?

On our way out of the hotel we posed for a quick picture with Jamie, the front desk manager:


Then we made a quick trip through the drive-thru for some McBreakfast and McCaffeine, and hit the open, open, open road for Day 3 of our trip. The side of the road looks a lot like this:


We're on our way to Denver, and are planning to meet up with some bloggers when we get there, so shoot an e-mail to [email protected] if you'd like to meet us, and we'll get you the details. You know, as soon as we know what they are. Wing it? Us? Well, isn't that part of the fun of a road trip?

--Meagan is happy to be running on 7+ hours of sleep.


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Deborah Smith

Virtually trippin' with you, Ladies. Have a great time. I'm so jealous.

Deb S.


Keep on trippin'!

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