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July 14, 2008

On the Road Again


Nebraska is flat. I like food. The Pope is Catholic. Look at my pictures.




More pictures here.

Sarah also bosses people around on Sarah and the Goon Squad.


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The Mighty Favog

Nebraska isn't flat, by and large. And, as you found out, Omaha and eastern Nebraska are quite hilly.

The Platte River Valley is flat, and I-80 and I-76 stick to the Platte and South Platte river valleys from Grand Island on.

You could have taken the scenic route, but then you wouldn't have made time at all.

By now, I'm sure you have experienced REAL flat across the interminable high plains of eastern Colorado. Of course, you then get rewarded for your trouble by the Rocky Mountains.

Oh . . . in Denver, don't eat the Rocky Mountain oysters. They're not oysters.

Have a great trip.


My family is from Denver. Not that I'm going to have time to see any of em!

Thanks for the well wishes, and I already tried to snow Sarah by suggesting the Oysters when we stopped in Nebraska. She didn't fall for it. She was on to me. Totally.


from a car, yeah Nebraska might be regarded as flat but try riding acoss it on a bicycle...no, i never have but my father has and he loves reminding me of that and the fact that the great plains states are not flat any chance he gets. i guess i am my father's daughter after all because here i am passing it on.
i bet y'all are pretty tired but it looks like you are having fun too. keep on truckin'!

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