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July 06, 2008

Notes from the homefront

SummerI know, I won't be joining the group until the very last day of the road trip.  I realize that I have the "boring" job of making sure all the pieces fall into place and to ensure that this road trip happens.  No, not sexy at all. Just necessary.

So this morning I panicked when the word of this trip got out.  Note to the world - we thought we were launching this site tomorrow, not today.  Note to the world - this site is not completely ready.  But hey, when is a site REALLY ready?  Just marking this as "lessons learned".  Funny, I have learned way to many lessons these past few weeks.

Just taking a deep breath and remembering that everything will turn out just fine.  So today, we added a few features to the site.  For all our twitter friends, you can follow the road trip here:  http://twitter.com/MomRoadTrip .  I know that we will be putting up a Facebook page shortly.  I know that we will begin adding video very, VERY soon - thanks to Sony.  We will also be adding "buttons" that YOU can put on your sites... so stay tuned. 

I have been joking that I would be a miserable companion to drive ALL the way cross country, so that makes me even MORE in awe of Devra and Sarah.  You gals rock...  and Meagan & Aviva, what can I say.  Thank you for agreeing to participate in this cross country road trip.  I can't wait to continue reading your posts and following you ladies as you make it to the San Francisco, Bay Area.

In the mean time, I will be putting together all the swag bags for our Party on July 17th.  Tomorrow, ten Silicon Valley Moms Blog contributors will be taking over my house, and especially my living room, to get these bags in order.  My darling husband has been so patient as our living room has turned into a warehouse.  Be warned he told me.... "this is the last time our living room hosts swag bag items".  I just smile and say.... "yes darling, the last time."

Here is to a safe (AND FUN) journey cross country. 

Jill Asher

Jill Asher is the co-founder of SIlicon Valley Moms Group and will only be traveling in the Chevy Tahoe Hybrid for the last thirty miles of the trip. 


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Any chance those of us who are contributors but are not going to blogher can get swag bags? Please, please, please?


Hooray! This sounds so fun. I can't wait to follow you all on Twitter and on your blogs. Only wish I could make blogher this year..... I'll be doing the outreach event in either DC or Boston.... We've now got some 35 philly mommy bloggers!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

I cant't wait to see what is in my bag this year!

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