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July 18, 2008


I probably should be sleeping right now. Instead, I am blogging.  Isn't that the story of a "blogger"?  We want to put down our words (regardless of the  late hour), and have them read.  Have them shared.  Receive feedback that just someone can relate to us... but alas, my mind wanders as I reflect back on this past week.  Sharing the journey of our SV Moms Group Summer Road Trip '08. 

The "Road Trip Bloggers" are now in San Francisco, drinking way too much, mingling, partying and connecting with "virtual" friends.  Tomorrow, we will attend the BlogHer Conference and remember that our words ARE important. What we say as women, mothers, community activists and leaders matter! 

We promise to share a LOT of pictures and video from the past few days.  Right now... all we want to do is sleep....Good night my friends.

Have a blast at BlogHer.  You deserve it!

Jill Asher (who shared the last thirty miles of the road trip with Devra, Aviva, Sarah and Meagan)


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