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July 15, 2008

Nebraska must be the world capital of cornography

Corn_4It's a definite sign we need more sleep if we keep hearing "porn" instead of "corn" while having  conversations about Nebraska:

"Check it out! We are completely surrounded by porn!"

"Have you ever tried sweet porn?"

"The porn is for the cows. Obviously they are porn fed."

"Let's get out of the car so we can all take a closer look at the porn."

"I don't just like porn, I love porn."

"Porn without butter? Why bother."

"I can't get over how much porn I've seen during this trip."

"We just don't have porn like this at home." 


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Jill Asher

Ok, now i have the song "The Internet Is For Porn" (from AVENUE Q) running through my head! :)

.... I am scared to see the searches coming through Google on this one!

Have a great morning, and hope you had a good night sleep!


Blame it on the road noise.

(Porn without butter, lol)...


Just watch out for Children of the Porn. Dude. I know. I'm a Pornhusker.


Wonderful meeting you at Mom 2.0 Summit 2009: "From the windooooows, to the walls!" Really hope to see you again soon - SXSW? Or Leadership Conference later this year...

BTW, love that pic of Porn on the Cob! ;-)


sleep porn

Love it! Thank you for the laugh!

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