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July 11, 2008

MEET-UP in Chicago - Saturday, July 12th at 8:00pm

ButtonFriends, and especially Chicago Moms Blog Contributors!

We plan on arriving at the Chicago Omni Lakeshore on Saturday evening, and are would loooove to meet-up with our friends in Chicago!  Plan on meeting us at the hotel at 8:00pm.  (More details to come shortly... still trying to figure out what restaurant or bar can host our group!).

Please leave a comment below so we know how many of our friends will be there!

We will post meet-up times for Omaha, Colorado, Salt Lake City and Reno... shortly!


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MJ Tam

I will definitely be there!

moodymommy (aka Sophia Leto)

I thought you were coming in Sunday day. I've got a 40th B-day party in the 'burbs to attend Sat night. Enjoy Chi Town. Sorry I won't see you. Sophia


I will plan to be there! Drive safely!


Hubby's at Nascar. No sitter.

Bon voyage, best of luck and drive safely!


Oh, this is perfect! I'll be there.

Kim/hormone-colored days

I'll be there with room for a rider or two.


Chloe just woke up pukey sick! I am now a "tentative"...hopefully it will pass. Depending on what you feel like, TGI Fridays is right on Ontario, Heaven on Seven is close...my favorite is Bandara on Michigan, or Japonais in River North (also close). Have a GREAT TIME!!! You are right in the heart of the Mag Mile. Don't forget to buy some Garrett's popcorn for the next leg of the trip. Yummy.

Amy M.

I'll be there...

Amy M.

Eh, I'm not going to make it after all. Too much to do before traveling this coming week.

Have fun ya'll! See ya in San Fran...

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