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July 11, 2008

Maybe my husband will be taking a lot of cold showers in my absence



Not what you think. Not for that reason either. Get your collective mind out of our bedroom and into our garage.  Yesterday we discovered our hot water heater wasn't working. If my hair looks shiny on film, attribution goes to cold showering and not because I had the Zohan make me silky-smooth.

Fortunately I will have clean clothes since we launder with cold water. However Sarah posted that she may not even be showering tomorrow prior to picking me up at the Crack of Ass (translation, 4:00AM).

Greater sin: Clean body wearing dirty clothes or clean clothes on a dirty body.


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Jessica (It's my life...)

Oh... that is a tough call. I'd have to go with dirty body/clean clothes... if only because I hate the laundry oh so much. But I'm not going to be in a hot car with you guys... :-)


hmmm, dirty undies? No thanks!

Laurel - MomsMinivan.com

Clean body/dirty clothes is the greater sin, so I think you're ok!

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