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July 10, 2008

Leaving Loveland but taking it with me!


Being a native New Yorker and then growing up in Denver, I was less than thrilled when my husband and I began our plans to move to Loveland, CO 11 years ago. Loveland? That's some silly little cow town near Greeley, right? Fortunately, I was so wrong. Eleven years ago, Loveland had a population well under 50,000 people. It was a lovely little city just minutes from Ft. Collins (home of CSU), an hour from Denver and an hour from Cheyenne. The people and atmosphere were friendly, small town but the conveniences were plenty city enough for me. True Devra, no great places to shop in Loveland but I didn't need to leave the state to find them!  Now, 11 years later, Loveland has broken the 50,000 mark and has an amazing shopping metropolis known as Centerra! It has not, however, lost its small town charm. Cool_shooz_2                                        Eldersgroup_2


Every summer, Loveland hosts an amazing free concert series. My family marks the old calendar as soon as the schedule is released each spring. There are 2 concerts we NEVER miss: The Elders and Cool Shooz. As luck would have it, The Elders were tonight and Cool Shooz performs the week after I get home. How's that for perfect timing! And, once my Zune shows up, I plan to take both groups on the road with me (us)! Ladies, I hope you like Celtic rock and a cappella - it will be your only reprieve from my rehearsal discs.


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If you love celtic rfock, you need to make sure you load up the Zune with tunes from Seven Nations (and don't tell me you don't know who they are!)

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