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July 08, 2008

It Is All About Patience


118_2Patience.  I have many strengths, but patience is NOT one of them, just ask my husband. You see, I want the road trip to start TODAY. Yes, I know that the Chevy Tahoe Hybrid is being dropped off on Friday, and is probably in route, on a big ol' truck from Detroit heading to Northern Virginia.

And yes, I realize that we STILL need to confirm up hotels (did you think we already had this part confirmed?) and meet-ups (so the drivers can hang out with their friends across the country).  And yes, I know that we still need to learn how to work all this wireless technology and load posts and video from the car.  And yes, we still need to get familiar with the Sony Cameras

But couldn't it just be Saturday?

Actually, couldn't it be July 17th?  By then, a Fairy Godmother would have bestowed herself (or himself) into my living room, and magically transported two hundred swag bags from my living room to our party at Slide.  And from there, they would have been handed out to our one hundred, Silicon Valley Moms Group Contributors attending the party. And then, I would no longer have nightmares about boxes invading my house.

Until then, I will wait.  Impatiently.

Jill Asher is the Co-Founder of Silicon Valley Moms Group.


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Monica @ Paper Bridges

how do you keep your kids from getting into all that??


...but at least you get to go! I will be at the office. working. waaaah.

Jill Asher

Monica, my daughters are six and eight years old.... if they go near the swag, they will be sent away to boarding school! :)

Actually, they really don't have a ton of interest. It is their friends that I am worried about!

Oy.... someone, take these bags away!


I am SICK about missing BlogHer this year. A trip to San Francisco is just too much of a financial burden. But I will miss everyone.

This trip sounds like a blast, and I hope the sponsors see the value in it and that it encourages more personal outreach like this.

Good sponsors, too! My family vehicles? A Tahoe and a Silverado. Every last one of our cameras and video games? Sony. (Hey, Sony? Call me. I've been pimping you for years!) LOL ;-)


Is it sad that I'm just bummed that I don't live in the Silicon Valley anymore and can't get one of those awesome bags? (because apparently I think if I lived down there still I would OF COURSE be writing for SVmoms!) (am presumptuous, no?)

Alas, I am in Reno and no nifty blogging moms group up here. Woe.

Karen Putz / DeafMom

A road trip and BlogHer-- how fun! I'm saving up for next year!


After hanging out with 2 of the Chicago Moms at Disney, I bought the domain "michiganmomsblog.com", haven't done anything with it yet. Perhaps we could chat about starting a Michigan Moms group as part of SV Moms? *wink wink* I'll try to find you at BlogHer in the sea of 1,000 people!

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