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July 04, 2008

I Finally Saw It!

Thelma_4Since I am preparing to embark on a journey across the country in a car full of women, I figured I better watch the most famous movie of our generation related to this adventure, Thelma and Louise. You see, I've never seen it - at least I don't think I have. I seem to have a terrible reputation for renting movies I have already seen before and not realizing it until I'm more than halfway through them. As much as I hate to admit it, many of the scenes were extremely familiar but I really don't remember having seen the entire movie before. Oh well, none of that matters at this point, all that matters is that I have now definitely seen it (and can refer back to this post if I'm not sure in a few months) and can say I don't think our journey will be anything like it. Well, we will be a car full of women who are bonding and having a great time getting to know each other better; however, I am fairly certain absolutely positive we will not be committing any crimes along the way.

So, how will we spend our time? I have pondered the question periodically over the last several days and I keep coming up with the same answer: We'll figure it out as we go. You see, we are a creative bunch. I'm sure we'll come up with plenty of adventures along the way. While they won't involve police chases, FBI hunts or the Grand Canyon, they are sure to involve technology confusion, countless punny jokes, food, and lots and lots of laughter!  So, stay logged in to watch the hilarity unfold. Perhaps we will create a new must see road trip for years to come.

Recommendations for any other movies I should see before I hit the road are greatly appreciated. And don't worry, the nice folks at Showtime keep a computer log of what I have already rented so I don't embarass myself too much by coming home with something I just brought home last week.

Aviva also admits her most embarassing faults since she lost brain cells with each pregnancy at Parentopia.


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Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

...and if I see Brad Pitt we are totally picking him up.

Devra Renner

Just be lucky Aviva's not forcing you to watch Roller Boogie. Trust me on this.

Cynthia Samuels

You are too much! No Brad Pitt though -- sigh. And no driving off cliffs either I hope.


Sarah - I have absolutely no hestation about picking up Brad. However, if we pick him up, will we still be able to watch him walk away? I love watching him walk away!

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