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July 14, 2008

Giraffes and elephants in the midwest? - Weight Watchers Giveaway

After leaving Omaha around 9:00 this morning on our way to Denver, the Mom Road Trippers set our sights on having lunch at noon. We had to hunt a bit for the perfect target, and by noon our stomachs were growling. Though our car is loaded to the brim with Weight Watchers snacks, you can only nibble on oatmeal cookies and peanut butter cups for so long before you start craving some protein to round things out.

We were in luck when we found this place right off the highway, and you could be in luck too. If you're the first person to guess where we had lunch--name of the restaurant, city, and state--you'll win a free 3-month membership to Weight Watchers Online. That way, you can go to the restaurant yourself and know exactly how many points you need to save up for that burger and fries.

Here are the pics. So tell us...where did we eat?




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Jill Asher

I have absolutely no idea... but please tell me that those are stuffed animals, and not REAL heads of our favorite zoo animals......


Ole's Big Game Restaurant and Lounge, Paxton, Nebraska.

My Google Skills are fierce.



Edit: Ole's Big Game *Steakhouse* and Lounge, Paxton, Nebraska - if I'm being accurate. Stupid internets! ;)


Oh, and sorry Jill - but it looks like those are real... collected ever since prohibition ended!! http://www.olesbiggame.com/history.htm

Laptop Television Mom

If you left Omaha by 9 a.m. -- you must be dining in Kearney or North Platte, NE. I hope you are some cool college hang-out... did you have a "red beer" with your burger? I don't dare ask how many points that would cost me!

-- LTV Mom

Urban Mama

My husband thinks he deserves to win since he found the answer only after 5 mins of searching while making dinner and playing with the kids. He says his google-fu is awesome, too. I was nursing!


GeekMommy beat me by mere seconds. I had the same answer, and then my internet disappeared. :)

Laurel - Road Trip Mom

The heads are real. I don't think they have giraffe burgers on the menu though. How many WW points would the buffalo burger count? ;-) http://www.olesbiggame.com/history.htm


How about:

Ole's Big Game Steakhouse & Lounge
Paxton, NE ?

Jill Asher

Ok, if they are real... well, that will really creep me OUT!!! I have been living in kumbaya-California land for waaay too long!


rainforest cafe at a mall...hehe

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