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July 04, 2008

Getting Ready to Get Ready

SarahHello everybody! It is I, Goon Squad Sarah and I am currently reporting from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware where my family is on a short vacation.

Why am I telling you this? Well, there are two reasons: 1) This means I won't be posting any video. My new Sony HandyCam is waiting patiently for me at home (from what my roommate/cat sitter tells me) and 2) Rehoboth has great outlets.

I am psyched about the outlets becuase I have been desperately searching for a sun dress for BlogHer.

Sun dress? Sundress? Whatever.

Either way, one word or two, I found two of them this morning and so I can at least cross that off of my list of things I need to do before we head off on this road trip.

Now all I need to do is find some shorts, get a haircut, get a pedicure, figure out how I am going to bring everything I need without overloading the Tahoe and lose 10 pounds.

Any advice (reasonable or otherwise) is greatly appreciated.

Sarah also complains about wanting to lose 10 pounds on her other sites, Sarah and the Goon Squad, Loser Moms, DC Metro Moms Blog, Draft Day Suit, MamaPop, and BlogHer.


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So you are seeing how the other height lives on your short vacation.

kim/hormone-colored days

Um, speaking height Devra, are you up there on the masthead wearing platforms? :-)

Katie Roper

Don't expect to wear sundresses in San Francisco - make sure you have a coat!

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