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July 13, 2008

Did You Miss the Chicago Meet Up?


Meagan, Devra and I are on the road. We are halfway through day two of our trip. We left Chicago this morning and we are currently in Iowa.

Img_0610_3 I'm sorry we haven't updated more today but as odd as it sounds we have actually been very busy. We had the interview with CBS News in Chicago this morning and then - well and then we ate breakfast - but after that we checked out of our hotel (special thanks to the Omni on Michigan Avenue in Chicago they treated us like queens).

Anyway - this is the part everybody is interested in - our Chicago Meet up!

Several of our friends from Chicago (and even some friends that live elsewhere and just happened to be IN Chicago) came by the hotel to see us. We had a fabulous time.

Img_0588 Jen and MJ brought us road snacks and Kim brought us hats to remeber Chicago by. Kristabella, Carrie, Mel and Heather came to see us too.

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us and please let us know if you are going to be in Omaha tonight and want to hang out.

You can check out more of my Mom Road Trip pictures here on flickr.

Sarah also brags about all the cool bloggers she hangs out with on Sarah and the Goon Squad.


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Chriss Knight

I'm a reporter for the CBS in Omaha. I've sent you a few comments already today...I'm trying to get in touch with you girls to talk about your trip! It would be great to hear from you! It's now 3:30 on Sunday.
email me when you have a [email protected]


update, we connected with the reporter and will be on Omaha's Action 3 News at 10:00PM tonight!

See ya in Omaha!


sounded like a fun night! Sorry to have missed it...


SelfMade Mom,
You were missed!

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