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July 12, 2008

Contest Winner and an Update


Wow. You guys are fast. You are also freakishly accurate.

Lumpyhead's Mom
got the right answer in about 30 seconds.


(You know, she came by my house to see the Tahoe yesterday and I think she may have slipped some sort of tracking device in the car.)

But yes, we were in front of the Cabela's just outside Wheeling, West Virginia.

Then Angela from Fluid Pudding noted not only were we standing across from Cabela's but that we were standing in the parking lot of a coffee place which was dead on.

Then you guys started giving us road names and longitudinal coordinates.

Then we just got creeped out.

I'm giving prizes to both of you ladies. Angela, find me at BlogHer and we'll hook you up with something cool. Lumpyhead's Mom, I'll just bring it to your house when I get home.


Devra and I just got done having lunch with Christina and her family and now we are currently just outside of Springfield, Ohio.

Now we are full and sleepy.

If all goes well we should be in Chicago by about 6:00 or so and have time to catch a quick nap before our meet up tonight.

I mean, we woke up at 3:00 am. We're going to need to sleep eventually.

Sarah also complains about lack of sleep on Sarah and the Goon Squad.com.


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Y'all drive carefully, now!

And just so you know that I'm holding things down here in Va., Devra, I am posting this from the cafe @ Wegmans in Woodbridge (my home PC is still mega crashed).



Hey, Sarah. Terra says hi! (She's hired, by the way. Woo-hoo! The house is for sale MONDAY!)

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