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July 25, 2008

California Continues to Amaze Me

875151_big_sur As if the beautiful drive through the Sierras and the 2 days in Napa weren't enough, I saw Big Sur today! What an amazing sight it was. 

Here, let me catch you up on the last few days of my California dreamin'. After a lovely evening at John Muir we enjoyed a great day of wine tasting at the wineries suggested by my friend Enoch. The most beautiful by far was Chateau Montelena. It is an 1880's castle set in a lush, gorgeous landscape off the main winery strips in Calistoga. Aside from being an incredible sight, the wine was fabulous. Our next fun and unique experience was at Sterling Vineyards where we took an air tram up the hillside to tour the winery. We ended our day at the incredible deli at V. Sattui winery - a must stop for lunch or dinner when you are there!

The next night was spent at a B&B my husband discovered on line, Napa Old World Inn.  It was the perfect romantic getaway, although I wouldn't put it past being a fun escape with a bunch of girlfriends either! Upon our arrival, there was a private wine tasting at the house complete with crackers, fruit, and cheese. Following that, a delicious spread of desserts to bring back to your room. In our room, a jetted tub built for 2 and a complete in room theater with a huge selection of movies available in a main room. But wait, there's more... In the morning, room service - no better than room service. A delicious fresh made breakfast of a souffle, hot apple crisp and fresh peaches with home made whipped cream! All this was perfectly prepared and set just outside our door on a warming tray and in our private fridge for us to get when we were up and ready. We also enjoyed the pleasure of making new friends at the wine tasting and sharing a bottle of wine with them before dinner. Next time you are looking to get away from it all in Napa, I would HIGHLY recommend a call to this charming place.

When breakfast was over, we were off again. A drive down to visit an old high school friend in Oakland and then down the coast line to see my cousin. For my kids, a video of beach and mountains from the same roadside spot. For me, a chance to catch up with friends and family along with seeing places I have never seen before. The next time I see a Big Sur Waterbed commercial, I'll be able to say, "I've been there."  Fortunately, my cousin is getting married in May so I have the perfect excuse to return. And next time, the kids are coming too. This is a place they are sure to enjoy and remember for years to come.


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So cool, You have a dream job. Do you need a chauffeur??? Holla when in Baltimore.



John - Oh how I wish this were my job. While the roadtrip to BlogHer was for business, everything after that was a much needed and LONG awaited vacation. I honestly can't even remember the last time my husband and I had a vacation... I returned to reality on Saturday and what a reality it is. However, should I manage to land a traveling dream job, I will keep you in mind.

Spica Cast

There is no doubt, California is an absolutely stunning place.


Great post! i am going to follow your trip!!



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