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July 14, 2008

A mile high...

So the first thing I noticed about the altitude is this: bending over to get something out of my suitcase left me winded.

"Are you feeling out of breath?" I asked Sarah. "Maybe you're just imagining it," she said.

Later, it was her turn to feel the effects of the altitude when her sinuses dried out and her first glass of wine left her unexpectedly tipsy.

"Drink a lot of water, and don't drink too much booze," was the advice from the experienced Denverites. We heeded this advice, sucking down glass after glass of water...and not a single one of us over-imbibed. (Though that could also be because we're planning on leaving the hotel as early as possible tomorrow morning to start the journey to Salt Lake City.)

Sharing in the drinks were a fantastically interesting group of Denver-area bloggers--some of them are pictured here:


...I believe they're laughing at Devra's accidental mangling of the words "Hybrid Tahoe" (Tybrid Hahoe, anyone?)

The hotel we're staying in is very cool. Each floor is themed--we're on the TV floor, but there's also a horror-movie themed floor, a Jack-themed floor, and a sci-fi themed floor, among others. We ate and drank at the hotel bar and restaurant--I had a creamy, saucy, delicious lobster mac and cheese. Sarah's scallops with corn truffle sauce looked pretty yummy too.

I wish I could write more, but I am falling asleep at the keyboard here, so I'll see ya'll in the morning!

--Meagan is full, well-hydrated and tired.   


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Jill Asher

Wow.. thanks for sharing pictures from the meetup!

adam lee

hi ladies! i hope you had a blast at the Curtis! you were so fun to have around- i hope my staff took great care of you! be safe and continue to rock it out!

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