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July 09, 2008

A Confession (and some video)


In preparation for our upcoming road trip (We leave for from Northern Virginia on Saturday, July 12th!)......

I thought I left my new video camera at the mall. I felt like a complete idiot.

It turns out that this new Handycam is so freaking small that it was actually just in the bottom of my purse.

Fine. It is a backpack that I am using as a purse so maybe it is my fault.

Whatever. Let's talk about something else.

****Note**** This was going to be three videos but I am far more skilled than I thought I was and I accidentally made a montage.

1) Devra made me go all the way to Maryland to go shopping. (I wouldn't watch this one if you get carsick easily.)

2) This is us shopping. This isn't even the most embarrassing video. You'll have to wait for Devra's next post for that train wreck).

3) It is just me or does she look like Obi Wan Kenobi here. What are those guys in the robes called anyway? Are those the Sand People or the Jawas?

Sarah also humiliates herself on her personal blog Sarah and the Goon Squad, DC Metro Moms Blog and Loser Moms.

Video and pictures taken with Sony DCR-SR45 Hard Drive Handycam® Camcorder.  To learn more, please visit www.sonystyle.com.


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Jill Asher

Looking at the video made me car sick... thank god I am only driving with you the last thirty miles! :)


crunchy carpets

I am glad that shopping is as much comedy to you guys as it is sadly to me!


Wonderful! And it appears that the wonderous Handycam does NOT add 10 pound, in fact, I think it removed 10 pounds from both of you. You look fantastic! Perhaps it's the results of your Losermoms blog activity! Keep it up!!


If this is anything like the actual trip is going to be, I will prepare myself and try not to spit all over the moniter laughing hysterically. Thanks ladies!


I feel like I'm along for the ride. Love it!


And what did the store staff think? Did they know you were video taping in there?

btw, you two should go on Last Comic Standing together.


i like the last shirt you tried on. looking forward to the next video

Meagan Francis

This is fantastic! And where were you guys shopping? I really want to get me a couple of those tight-on-top loose-on-gut tanks...


Nice! Thanks for taking us along. Can't wait for more road video!

workout mommy

absolutely hilarious! why did you have to go to MD to go shopping?


Y'all are crazy. You know that, don't you?

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